Spanish patient lift 135 kg


    Maximum load: 135 kg.
    The electronic parts comply with EN-60601-1 and EN-60601-1.2 standard.
    IPX4 electrical protection.
    Built-in charger with input 100-240V 50-60Hz.
    Control box with emergency stop button.
    Option to charge the battery externally.
    Audible low level battery alarm.
    Manual trigger release option.
    Lined barn. Straps with non-return system.
    360 degree rotation hanger.
    Four double wheels of 100mm diameter, rear wheels with independent brakes.
    Wired headphone unit.
    Manually removable trigger.
    Wide working range allows the patient to be raised from ground level.
    Belts and belts included.
    Fractures on the rear wheels.
    It separates in two parts.
    Ease of transportation and storage.
    Steel body with epoxy and polyester coated.
    Mast design that prevents liquids from entering the hull.
    The basic structure that provides more stability and security.


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