SpaCare chair help to stand up and relax with a massage


    SPACARE Massage Chair Specifications and Features:

    1. A design that matches your home decor elegantly and with a variety of colors, fabric or leather options.
    2. An assistive standing position for the elderly and those in need of assistance from those with reduced mobility, supports the back and joints when standing and provides a safe standing.
    3. Lying and sleeping position for better relaxation and comfort of the spine.
    4. The armrests can be raised at both ends, to facilitate movement and transportation from chair to bed.
    5. The feet can be raised in multiple levels, which reduces leg fatigue.
    6. Multiple levels of massage strength to suit any user.
    7. Massage option similar to manual massage to focus on a specific area of ​​the body.
    8. Full body massage in eight areas.
    9. The reclining level of the chair can be controlled to multiple degrees.
    10. Massage, pressure, and successive massages on all parts of the body.
    11. Equipped with a heat pad in the lower back, it increases muscle flexibility and relieves pain.
    12. It is equipped with a remote control to control the massage options and the positions in the chair.
    13. The wheel feature that makes it easy to move and move the chair with mounting brakes.
    14. The chair can hold a weight of up to 150 kg.


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