Plastic floor warning dome tiles


    Auxiliaries and supports are available in various forms, such as portable or detachable ramps, to assist wheelchair users in moving higher or lower. In addition to providing ground surfaces as a warning guide for the blind and visually impaired, indicating a change in the degree of altitude, the presence of an obstacle, or a warning to cross a street, they can be added inside commercial and government centers, workplaces or homes.

    Specifications of Plastic Floor Warning Dome Tile:

    Dedicated to alert the blind.

    It is not affected by sun or water and is characterized by ease of installation and corrosion resistance.

    Suitable for use indoors, roads and public buildings.

    The amount of projection from the ground: 5 mm, ensuring that the blind can feel it under his feet when walking over him or touching him with his stick.

    Material: TPU.

    Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 7.5 cm.

    Brand: Sbase

    At Medical we provide this equipment that helps people with special needs and the elderly to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle outside the home, and to participate in outdoor activities when moving from one place to another to enjoy nature outside the home. Order now ..


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