Niscomed Single Channel ECG Machine


    – The Niscomed Single Channel ECG Machine is equipped with high resolution thermal printing array system

    – It provides a high frequency response reach to 150Hz

    – It is capable of printing continuous on channel trace and annotations including lead mark and parameters such as sensitivity, paper speed, and filter operation status

    – The high resolution digital filter inhibits baseline drift without distorting ECG wave-form

    – The One-touch operation able to enhance efficiency and relieve operating strain

    – The concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard

    – Visual status due to light indicated touch-keys

    – The device has a rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations

    – Under the automatic mode, pressing key “MODE” continuously can keep recording when abnormal lead is found

    – The wave-form displays synchronously on the LCD with CCFL 240x128dots


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