Niscomed Foetal Monitor – CMS-800G1


    – The Niscomed Foetal Monitor has a light dexterous appearance, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted

    – The fetal monitoring device has an 8.0 “screen color LCD display, rotatable screen to 60°

    – The fetal heartbeat monitor allows to display the patient data and curve clearly

    – FHR 120 BPM~160 BPM normal range label

    – The Fetal Heart Doppler manually records fetal movement

    – The fetal heart monitor has a sound and color alarm for high and low fetal heart rate

    – The fetal heart rate monitor can be continuously used for 24-hour real-time monitoring

    – The Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor also allows for continuous 12-hour patient curve and data storage, playback and print

    – The machine comes with picture freeze function

    – It has single, twins optional monitoring feature

    – The Fetal Doppler is equipped with a crystal board band pulsed-wave transducer and has an extra-long life, high-resolution built-in thermal recorder

    – The built-in communication port can be connected with a central monitoring system

    – Fetal Heart Monitor or foetal Doppler is a handheld ultrasound monitor used to hear an embryo’s heartbeat. The Foetal Doppler machine emits ultrasound waves into the area and the foetal heart reflects these waves emitted by the Doppler foetal heart monitor.

    – The fetal heart monitor detects frequency change and then transforms it into sounds. Foetal Doppler provides an audible stimulation of heartbeat and may also display heart rate in Beats per minute.

    – The foetal Doppler is used by exposing the abdomen and applying ultrasound or fetal doppler gel and placing the probe in the fetal doppler gel before turning on the foetal doppler machine.

    – The probe of the fetal doppler is glided from the pubic bone towards the umbilicus until the foetal heartbeat is detected by the fetal doppler.

    – Fetal Doppler scan at 6 weeks usually detects embryonic heartbeat. Foetal Doppler at 9 weeks usually detects 160-180 beats per minute. Fetal Doppler ultrasound normal values should be discussed with your doctor.

    – Doppler Ultrasound for the fetal heartbeat is usually very accurate, but still, the Doppler ultrasound fetal heart rate should be discussed with a doctor when in doubt.


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