Medical bed five movements


    A nursing care bed (also known as a nursing bed or a care bed) is a bed that has been adapted to suit the special needs of sick or disabled people. Nursing care beds are used in private home care, as well as in inpatient care (retirees and residents of nursing homes).

    Medical bed specifications, five movements

    Medical bed.

    Number of moves: 5 moves.

    The first movement: moving the back in a sitting position.

    The second movement: moving the legs to lift them up.

    The third movement: moving the back and legs together.

    The fourth movement: moving the bed up and down (helps to lower the bed to the nearest degree to the ground in a way that helps the patient to move and move by himself or by placing the bed at a level adjacent to the wheelchair, so he can pull himself from and to the bed)

    Fifth movement: check the slope of the bed.

    Sides to protect the patient from falling.

    The sides can be turned down or folded down to help the patient get out of bed.

    Remote control to control the movements of the bed.

    According to the movements of the bed in stimulating blood circulation.

    Bed motions help people with limited bed use.

    A special mattress made of leather that matches his movements.

    The price includes the bed with the mattress.

    Built-in solution holder.

    Indoor mobility aids specially designed to avoid any injury while the patient is moving by himself, or while he is being transported and moved with the help of others, order now.


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