Coloplast 3220 Brava Protective Sheet – 20 X 20 cm


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    – The Coloplast Brava Protective Sheet is a skin friendly product to be used under the baseplate.

    – It is specially developed for use on skin surfaces where there is a risk of skin damage due to body secretions or where skin damage has already developed.

    – It absorbs moisture and thereby minimizes the risk of maceration of the skin.

    – It provides protection of the peristomal skin, and a ready surface for applying a new appliance.

    – It is a secure and flexible sheet used for total skin protection around stomas, draining wounds, and other areas subject to irritation.

    – The sheet is available in the size of 20 X 20 cm.

    – They come in a standard packing of 5 sheets per pack.


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