Coloplast 14060 Midi Fistula & Wound Management System


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    – The Coloplast Fistula & Wound Management System is designed with a flexible adhesive.

    – The pouch conforms to unique abdominal contours and molds to the skin with ease.

    – The kit includes:

    – Long-lasting adhesive barrier and pouch
    – Tracing guide
    – Removable lid
    – Drain port
    – A clamp

    – The double-layer adhesive is flexible and long lasting and protects the skin from drainage.

    – The tracing guide is designed to increase accuracy in cutting fistula or wound pattern.

    – The removable lid is flexible and easy to apply and remove.

    – It allows nurses access to dress wounds.

    – The system is available in Midi size with a cutting surface of 156-228 mm.

    – They come in a standard packing of 3 units per box.

    – Flexible lids are also available separately in a pack of 10 lids per pack.


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