Air Mattress Chinese Balls


    Some daily tasks that a person performs require frequent change of position between sitting and standing, and this matter poses a challenge to people with special needs, the sick, the elderly and their companions.

    Therefore, using mobility aids inside the home in the places that are most needed will give the patient more safety and security during his movement or move him by his family or supervisors and this would make a big positive difference in the life of the patient and his family to get more independence in daily life. .

    Chinese Balls Air Mattress Specifications:

    1. To be placed above the regular mattress.
    2. The air mattress rotates the patient to avoid ulcers and exfoliations. By blowing and deflating the air inside the mattress.
    3. It comes with an inflatable device for pumping and deflating air.
    4. Carrying capacity: up to 100 kg.

    Indoor mobility aids specially designed to avoid any injury while the patient is moving by himself, or while he is being transported and moved with the help of others, order now.


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